Missions Solicitation Policy and Support Application

Valley View Chapel Missions Solicitation Policy


Occasionally Valley View Chapel receives appeals from Chapel attendees or others seeking financial support for participation in a pending missionary or similar ministry activity. These may range from short-term missions trips to career ministry positions that require fundraising.

The Board of Elders at Valley View Chapel has delegated for such requests to come to the Chapel through the Missions Committee first. The Committee will review the request and, at their discretion, set up a personal interview with the requesting candidate or organization's representative. If the Missions Committee determines that it would be a benefit and complement to VVC's ministry to partner with the candidate/organization, it will recommend such to the Sr. Pastor and Assoc. Pastor (or Youth Pastor if candidate is a youth). At their discretion, they will also interview the candidate/organization's representative and give the final approval for entering a partnership with the candidate or organization.

The following guidelines for ministry partnerships have been established to ensure Valley View Chapel stays closely aligned with its vision for carrying out its mission of "leading individuals through relationships to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ."

  1. VVC is a Christian & Missionary Alliance denominational church, so our first priority and chief missions focus is on Alliance ministries.
  2. VVC encourages those interested in short or long-term ministry to explore the Alliance's many works around the world. VVC can refer candidates to the C&MA's Metro District Missions Mobilization and Candidate Development staff (long-term), or Envision (short-term) coordinator.
  3. VVC desires to keep our ministry partnerships few, so that our investment in each one is maximized and the relationship receives plenty of attention from the whole congregation. While there are many organizations worthy of investment and partnership, we recognize that we can only give proper attention and establish deep relationships with very few.
  4. VVC desires to empower and equip the saints for ministry (Eph 4:12), so we anticipate that from time to time, individuals and families in VVC will respond to God's calling them into ministry (short or long-term). When this happens, and if solicited and approved per the aforementioned process, a one-time grant may be awarded as one-year "seed" funds to start the candidate(s) into ministry. This grant may be renewed once, for a second year, if the candidate applies again and completes a second interview with the Missions Committee.
  5. All candidates and their sending organizations must be in alignment with the C&MA's Statement of Faith.
  6. Approved ministry partners are required to give regular (monthly) updates to the Missions Committee so it can inform the VVC congregation. Additionally, in-person visits and reports to the congregation are encouraged on an annual basis, if possible, for long-term ministry partners. Short-term ministry partners are asked to present a report of their trip to the congregation after its completion. This may or may not occur on a Sunday morning.